Dirty Thirty {Part II}

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to eat more cake.” And that’s exactly what I did when I turned 30. For real though, I ate so much cake that I almost puked after this photo session. I call that a win. My sister-in-law, Jerrica, sent me a message the

Dirty Thirty {Part I}

When my husband turned 30 he was sorta down about it and told me he didn’t want a party. So I did what any loving wife would do and invited 100 of our closest friends and family to a surprise party. I spent two months planning this surprise, alongside his

How I Save my Kids’ Artwork

Confession: Bella is 5 and I haven’t saved any of her artwork. It’s not that I don’t adore the thirty-seven pictures of Doc McStuffins that she colors everyday. Or the crafts “she” makes at preschool. I just never came up with a system other than the trashcan. But Kindergarten is

Why I’m Not Doing Easter Baskets

I’m boycotting Easter baskets this year and I don’t feel guilty. Instead, my kiddos are gettingĀ this wagon. With three kids, the baskets always end up costing way more than I intend. Even if I plan to buy little $2-3 items, it just ends up costing a small fortune because I

10 Things I wish I Knew Before my First Baby

Not all babies or toddlers sleep through the night and there’s literally no reason. Not one good reason. They’re not hungry. They didn’t sleep too much during they day. Their belly doesn’t hurt. They aren’t spoiled {well that’s still up for debate}. The didn’t poop. Trying {and failing} all the

Thursday Three {Social Media Edition}

Do your kids enjoy bizarre YouTube videos of “hands” playing with Play Doh or opening new toys that come in the form of an egg? Mother Goose Club on repeat, anyone? Maybe they’re like Mila and have been listening to Finger Family since Christmas Eve. Side note: we all need

To My Five Year Old Daughter

12 months of crying when my period came. 12 months of Googling “I’ve taken 8 pregnancy tests and they’re all negative. Could I be pregnant?”. People telling me “just relax” {P.S. no one wants to hear that when they’re trying to get knocked up}. 12 months of seemingly every female