Month: August 2017

That Time I talked to Customer Service for Two Hours

Raise your hand if you have a Fitbit. Now raise your hand if you’ve had one break. I’ve been through THREE Fitbit watches. Every single one I’ve had has broken. I currently have the Charge 2 which I ordered from Amazon on November 11, 2016. I know this date off

For My Daughters: Lessons in Life

Love and respect your mother-in-law {and me too of course}. But seriously, mother-in-laws have it hard when it comes to their boy’s wives. Their boundaries and social rules seem to be different than that expected of “Mom”. I know they’re not all a walk in the park or deserve your

End of Summer Challenge

Last week my oldest kiddo started Kindergarten, as well as two of my daycare babies. My house has been rowdy {that’s probably an understatement of all understatements} all summer. It comes with the territory of kids, of course. But my house {specifically my kids’ bedrooms} took a backseat to entertaining