Month: July 2017

Bye-Bye Baby Years

My little Van Man will turn two on Saturday {cue tears of “where did my baby go?” and insert smiles of “we’re finally starting to get in the groove of life not centered around naps and bottles and so much neediness!”}. Okay, so that last part about neediness varies from

Know Your Worth

Last night I got a phone call from someone {we’ll call her Harley for the sake of anonymity and because I always wanted a girl named that}. She’s a pre-teen {insert sighs and prayers} with a boyfriend who we’ll call Jerk {ya know, for the sake of anonymity}. Without much

3 Tips for Eating Healthy When Your Family Doesn’t {and a recipe}

After realizing we’re getting chubby in the Owens house, ¬†Waylon and I decided it was time to get a bit stricter with our diet. We’ve never eaten too bad, but we’re also not over here turning down pizza and chicken wings. What we have going for us, is we’re on