Month: February 2017

7 Small Ways to Save Money

I’m the mom of a family of five + a cat + a daycare {they gotta eat, too!}. And if you’re a mom {or have listened to one of us rant before}, you already know that means wearing many hats. One of which is accountant, or something like that. Raise your hand if finances

10 Tips for Looking Like You Have it Together on Sunday Morning

Some days everything is just good. Simply good. I posted about one of those days on my Instagram not too long ago. And it was true. We’d had such a nice, peaceful day of church and picnics and all the things just went so smoothly. The kids were happy; I was happy.


My crock pot has stayed in my sink “soaking” for like seven days. On more than one occasion. Technically, you’re doing dishes if there’s soap suds to be seen. I’ve used a wipe to bathe my kids. And their high chair. And their entire bedroom. And maybe myself.    

Thursday Three

I have several things to share and I’m just going to throw them all into one big post. First off, my best friend Kristi got super fashionable and professional and opened up an online boutique. I mean, how adult is she? Head on over to her Facebook group Arrow Boutique Company to