Month: January 2017

What Not to Say to a Lady with Big Boobs

Are they real?  Yes. No way. Yeah…they are… Are you sure? I’m pretty sure. I think I would’ve remembered a surgery. They’re big! Yeah, some are. Some aren’t….kinda like other things. I just can’t believe it, that they’re real. I mean, I can refer you to a picture of me

Gift Guide {For the Ladies}

If you’ve paid much attention to my ramblings and blogs, ya know how much I love a good list. I’ll list anything. Groceries, gifts bought, gift ideas for the future, to-do, meals to try, blogs to write, and on and on. Today it’s gonna be a fun gift giving list.

Fancy Find

Our family has been down and out with flu and strep and sleepless nights, how about you? According to my social media, you’re in the same sick boat. The only thing worse than sick kids is sick kids and a sick mom. Fortunately for my entire house, mine was a

My 2016 Resolution

It’s that time of year when everyone is making resolutions. I know, they get such a bad rap, but I still love them. I always make some challenges for myself because we can all be better. Always. It doesn’t have to start in January but with a new year does

Happy New Year!

What up, peeps?! I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and fun New Year! My kids received approximately 6783 new toys which was perfectly fine because I spent the week before Christmas bagging up the old and donating it in order to make room