Month: November 2016

Just Another Gift Guide

With Christmas around the corner, gift guides are all the rage in the blogger world right now. You can find a guide for everyone–women, kids, moms, dads, grandparents, etc. They. Are. Awesome. I’ve been reading through several of the main blogs I follow and got to thinking of some of

Holiday Hangover

It feels like a lifetime since I’ve posted but it’s been less than a week. Still here, guys! I had four days to commit to my family and that’s exactly what I did. I limited the time I spent throwing up pictures on Instagram and Snap and rarely scrolled through

Tuesday Two

It’s only Tuesday, but like the meme I saw on Facebook read… This week ends with pie and shopping so we can power through, folks! I’ll start with what I’m good at and that’s a super simple recipe that’s perfect for that little bit of leftover chili! I put chili

Thursday Three

I’m not sure if it was the Super Moon or the weather but my kids started this week off caaaaarazzzzzaaaaayyyy. Fighting, whining, arguing, waking up at the buttcrack of dawn, you name it. When they’re crazy, I’m crazy. And lets be honest, I’m crazy enough on my own without their

Quick, Easy & Healthy Meals

I’ve had numerous people ask me what I eat over the last year. I’ve not lost a huge amount of weight. I don’t have enormous transformation photos. But I have been pregnant three times and three times I’ve had to get back to a body I’m comfortable in. With each

What to Cook Tonight

Happy Friday and Happy Veterans Day to all those who serve or have served…AND lets not forget those parents, spouses & kids standing by those men and women in support! I wish I could give a personal THANK YOU to all of you but there are seriously SO many of

Thursday Three

First and foremost, I’m loving the fact that: The election is over.┬áIt’ll take a few weeks for everything to simmer down, I’m sure, but I’m just over like I don’t like Clinton, or Trump, or {MINDS BLOWN} Johnson. I should’ve just written in my dad. But, at the end of